Strategic HR

Future Proof has in-depth experience in offering tailored solutions to complex people issues. Our objective is to improve individual, team and organisation performance for our clients through our Strategic HR programs.

Organisation Review

As the business landscape continues to evolve, organisations are compelled to adapt and transform. Where transformation creates an imbalance, we offer independent Organizational Reviews to evaluate the entire organisation, ensuring the business aligns with it’s strategic objective. Our processes include:

  • Reviewing the overall organisational structure & identifying gaps
  • Measuring organisational performance through role and responsibilities review
  • Re-aligning business strategy with operations strategy
  • Employee sentiment survey, performance coaching and process improvement

Performance Management

All businesses strive for optimal performance, however many organisations don’t have a performance review system in place to assist this objective. We can review your existing performance management system and make recommendations to make it far more effective.

Redundancy, Outplacement & Career Transition

We are experts in developing solutions for organisations looking to restructure their business. Planning and ensuring all areas are considered, providing an outplacement service while assisting staff impacted by downsizing through career transition is essential for both the person and the business. These are delicate and emotional situations where discretion and empathy is required. We’re highly experienced and can manage these difficult situations for you.

Job Analysis and Role Definition

We provide input to helping shape positions within your organisation to make sure each role is focused with well-defined objectives. The outcome of this review is a better focused, more effective and energetic team with real purpose and sense of contribution to the business more broadly.