Search & Recruitment

Recruiting the right person for your organisation is crucial for business success, whether you are a Corporate Business, an emerging Start-Up or an innovative enterprise in the SME Sector. Whatever your particular situation, if you require a full recruitment service or just need further evaluation of candidates that you have already identified, Future Proof has a Tailored Recruitment service to help you find the right people for your organisation.


We use our unique research capability, intimate understanding of the Search, Recruitment & HR market and take full advantage of our extensive business networks and associations, globally. Our exclusive systems allow us to strategically develop pathways to people and to facilitate introductions that ensure our discreet approaches have an increased chance of success.


Our philosophies are about understanding our client, understanding the organisational culture and working closely with the decision makers. Strategically, we fly somewhat below the radar and engage with clients based on our integrity, professionalism and ability to successfully search & recruit candidates in a discreet manner. To that end, we don’t waste our clients money on expensive print media advertising — rather we combine our targeted Search & Selection process with a modest Online Advertising campaign to uncover candidates Nationally who may be interstate looking to return or move that are not part of our search focus. The information we garner from potential candidates assists in determining suitability beyond the required technical capabilities, focussing on candidates motivations and how they can make a valuable contribution to the organisation over the long-term.