Emotional & Social Intelligence Skills

What is Emotional & Social Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is the capacity for recognizing our own feelings & those of others, for motivating ourselves & for managing emotions effectively in others & ourselves. Well-developed Emotional & Social Intelligence competencies differentiate outstanding performers within organisations, contributing to effective performance at work. And, unlike IQ, Emotional & Social Intelligence can be developed.

This tailor-made Seminar Workshop is designed to assist business professionals to develop their Emotional & Social Intelligence capabilities for building stronger and more constructive relationships. Developing & harnessing “The Power Of Empathy” through behavioural change will lift participant’s performance & communication effectiveness and is applicable to any leadership or professional role.

The day will include discussions, demonstrations, role-play and activities and approaches in a safe and fun environment.

Download our brochure and read more about how you can develop Emotional & Social Intelligence skills in your professional and personal lives by attending our seminar. Make a booking today and become an outstanding performer!